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Internet images are saved at 72dpi since the average monitor is 72dpi to 75dpi

Offset Printing the average high res image is built around a 300dpi image.

Display Graphics the average high res image is built around a 150dpi image.

Cut Vinyl must be a Bezier Curve graphic, since the cutting blade follows the calculation of the Bezier Line.

A Bezier Curve is used in illustration programs such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. (image. A)

This type of graphic is not restricted to resolutions since the curve is an actual calculation so regardless of the size the integrity of the image is unchanged. However these programs do allow you to convert or export the graphics to a Bitmapped Tif or Jpg File which will make it susceptible to resolution problems when increasing the size.
A Bitmapped Curve IS restricted to resolution it is created using programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Paint programs. (image. B)

Think of it as a peg board, a 72dpi image has 72 peg holes per inch across and 72 holes per inch down, When you are drawing you are filling each peg hole with a color. If you decide later that you want to use this 72dpi drawing at 300dpi and you increase the resolution all you really get is a 72dpi image that has been made bigger.

(image. A)
A Bezier Curve

(image. B)
A Bitmapped Curve

(image. C)
This is the 72dpi image resized to 300dpi in photoshop,
It is bigger but not better.
Just a bigger low res file.

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